Every night feels the same as I lay in my bed. Thoughts of her wrestle endlessly in my head.

At this late hour is when my spirit feels most led. So I fell to my knees and a prayer is what I said.

As I lay down to rest and close my eyes, my intuition takes over my mind and starts to rise.

Pleasant thoughts of a future spent with her abundant with blessings is all I see, I feel at ease because I realize that we hold the key.

As the morning breaks and I slowly begin to awake. The feeling of true happiness is what I can’t seem to shake.

I roll over in bed and glare at the unoccupied space where she should have been. I bite my lip, as a smile quickly devours my face. My heart not wanting to beat at a steady pace.

I picked up my phone and read a text she just sent. “Good morning my love, forever & always until your heart is content.”



About Lazarus_of_Montserrado

Lazarus (Hebrew: “God will help”) Siafa was born in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. A once abundantly prosperous and promising nation that was crippled by poverty, violence and corruption in the late 80’s to early 90’s due to a Civil War that lasted approximately 14 years. This blog is a collection of thought provoking, spirit lifting and ambition driven poems as well as spoken word written by Lazarus for those who share a similar dream and perception of life. The vision that no matter the obstacle, failure, setback, trial or loss in life that you hold the power to overcome it all. You may have been born to lose but in time can be built to win and God willing can accomplish whatever your heart desires.
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