Does anyone truly understand the power that lies within a promise? The ability to apply faith with the hope of something that’s yet to occur. The audacity to give the notion to an individual of something promising to look forward to.

With that being said I’d like to make a few promises of my own. Don’t be caught of guard for these words are temporary but my actions are permanent like my eternal home.

I promise to write this poem with the sincerity of my heart and not just the ink of a pen. A promise is a promise and I mean what I say. No matter what happens, no one can ever take that away.

I promise to show you unconditional love. To take all of the good along with the bad and to love you for being you, nothing more and nothing less. I promise to pick up all of your broken pieces and not just sweep them under a rug.

I promise to stay true to myself and for that I’ll always know exactly who I am. No matter how dark it may get, I promise to never switch just to momentarily shine. Because what I own on this earth is not even mine.

A promise made is a promise kept. Countless times I laid in my bed filled with disappointment and wept. A promise is a promise and I mean what I say. No matter what happens, no one can ever take that away.

I promise to use my God given abilities and talents for the good of man kind. Because I realize others search and search but simply cannot find.

No matter how difficult life gets, I promise to never settle or lose sight of my goals. Because I’ve witnessed amazing dreams die at age 24! The sight of this weighed heavy and burdened my soul.

I promise to never neglect my values for something worth much less. I promise to never disregard my morals to fit in to someone else’s idea of success.

I promise to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable. To be a voice for those who don’t have one or can’t easily speak. To enlighten and give confidence to the socially meek.



About Lazarus_of_Montserrado

Lazarus (Hebrew: “God will help”) Siafa was born in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. A once abundantly prosperous and promising nation that was crippled by poverty, violence and corruption in the late 80’s to early 90’s due to a Civil War that lasted approximately 14 years. This blog is a collection of thought provoking, spirit lifting and ambition driven poems as well as spoken word written by Lazarus for those who share a similar dream and perception of life. The vision that no matter the obstacle, failure, setback, trial or loss in life that you hold the power to overcome it all. You may have been born to lose but in time can be built to win and God willing can accomplish whatever your heart desires.
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