DRIVEN (spoken word)

They often ask me where I’m from and who I do it for. I’m merely a product of my environment. But, I’ve never favored math so I refuse to become a statistic.

I built these breathtaking dreams with my bare hands, so inside of them is where I reside and sometimes tend to hide. I’m the sole owner, yet I’m still forced to pay rent. I’m just trying to change my fate with limited friction and no added resentment.

I was born overseas so to see what I see, you’d have to pay the extra tax and additional fees. Death, poverty and hunger beyond what the mind can conceive but as far as the eyes can see.

Through misconceived notions, I was given to this world as an orphan. After a series of unfortunate events, I simply shake my head at my good fortune.

So let’s never forget the ones who don’t have it. And stop paying so much attention to the ones who can easily grab it but instead would rather be a social savage, causing pain and havoc.

However you look at it, no rhyme, no reason and no matter the season. This heart of mine is a force to be reckoned with. A man possessing the heart of a lion, a story so powerful it resembles a myth.



About Lazarus_of_Montserrado

Lazarus (Hebrew: “God will help”) Siafa was born in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. A once abundantly prosperous and promising nation that was crippled by poverty, violence and corruption in the late 80’s to early 90’s due to a Civil War that lasted approximately 14 years. This blog is a collection of thought provoking, spirit lifting and ambition driven poems as well as spoken word written by Lazarus for those who share a similar dream and perception of life. The vision that no matter the obstacle, failure, setback, trial or loss in life that you hold the power to overcome it all. You may have been born to lose but in time can be built to win and God willing can accomplish whatever your heart desires.
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