The Sinner’s Prayer (New Revised Version)

Gracious and everlasting father, I come to you today with my hands held high and my knees bent in humble admiration for your presence in my life 

Grant me the serenity, intuition and wisdom to understand life’s most complex and most simplistic situations 

Send me and I’ll go, lead me and I will follow. Use me as a vessel for your works, so that others may see the power of your mercy & grace through me

Bestow upon me the ability to perform daily miracles, the power to do the impossible, the courage to say the unthinkable, and the audacity to turn the other cheek in the face of adversity

Allow my voice to resonate in the minds of those who may think that no one else cares. Allow my actions to forever be a reminder that hope is always near

Make me a light to shine in a very dark world, and allow that same light to illuminate my path through life 

I stand before you as the most genuine version of myself, dishonest, unfaithful, unworthy…..a sinner

I come to you today, so in your name I pray


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Complex Minds

Simple minds cannot comprehend what complex minds dream of. They speak of hate but the language of love is my native tongue 

No two paths through life are ever the same, so the moment you stop to compare you’ll get lost along the way

I carry with me shameless bruises to my ego and cuts to my confidence. A broken wing and along with these tattoos, I wear my heart on my sleeve. Nothing life threatening..these are merely growing pains

Education & knowledge are the keys to freedom which in turn opens the doors to success, most of us attempt to get to the top while aiming for much less

Simple minds are cocky and spew nothing but hatred & violence. But a complex mind would rather help others and make moves in silence

Once you find your true calling & purpose in life, nothing will ever be the same. Oh you’ll still compare accolades and achievements but for different reasons, not for self satisfaction or psychological gain 

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He loved women but most of the ones that he came across didn’t even love themselves 

So now you see how this misconstrued, misconception would only further damage his affection

See, they were too busy dying to assimilate and giving all of themselves away simply to be counted as an affiliate

Chasing money and the finer things Instead of trusting in their struggles and building with Kings

She left her Ugg Boots & peacoat in her closet at home. Because no one ever told her the world was so cold 

She’s still the Venus to my Mars, and the love I have for her is strong enough to dry tears and heal scars 

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It’s no longer just about black or white, no sir see from the very beginning that was never really the fight.

In order to truly understand the concept that seems skin deep. We’d actually have to educate ourselves and awaken from an ignorant sleep.

So scientifically, I dove deep. And all of the knowledge I’ve obtained along the way, I certainly plan to keep. 

Please stay with me as I attempt disseminate this information, so that we may cease all discrimination and accept our obvious relation. 

because melanin in its simplest form is nothing more than oxidation plus polymerization which equals pigmentation. Now add the proximation of the equator’s location to this equation and you’re left with the various shades of our unique colorization.

But see we don’t like to think with that mentality or mindset. So everything we know to be true we try to reset.

So we throw in race, culture, gender & religion. Take a step back and attempt to understand this ultimate division.

Turn around and look back in time, throughout all of creation and across every nation. The darker skinned person has faced the most discrimination.

As pac once said the darker the berry the sweeter the juice, the darker the flesh the deeper the roots.


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These lessons are for the ages. They have been passed down from generation to generation but have never once been written down on pages.

So he began to speak and I listened. Who knew what I would possibly later envision. And all it took was the right amount of guidance and little bit of supervision.

My parents, they were eager to teach, so I would run down to my favorite spot right along the scenic beach. 

I was highly favored and loved as the tropical breeze would hug me and the sun’s rays gently kissed my skin for hours on end.

They would begin to teach me life lessons of sort. In the form of stories of course, and now that I’m older, I like to think of them as parables beneath these very palm trees.

Lessons that taught me discipline, love, respect and how to reap good fortune. They built my character with invaluable traits and showed me how to take life in portion.

How to first love myself before attempting to love anyone else. How to place God high above all and in numerical order the rest shall fall.

Surrounded by concrete they wanted a rose. They posed tough questions for a young man I suppose. What’s the value of true love if your heart’s never really been broken? How strong is your faith if it’s never really been shaken? Why would you ever walk through life with no direction or sense of purpose, is it really worth it?

They taught me to never cover up who I am or to be ashamed. To stand up or stand out, never compete to be the same.

All of these stories and lessons helped to shape and formulate the man that stands before you. Only I don’t stand before you, I stand beside you because like my parents, I’m simply trying to guide you. Better yet, I stand behind you, so if you ever happen to get lost along the way I can find you.



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It was once engrained in my brain that I was born to face immense adversity and pain

So I do this because 1 poet plus 1 poet equals a community and baring my poetical soul is nothing new to me 

So here goes as the story unfolds and I take you with me down this lonely dusty road

Rest in peace to the soldiers who have no idea what they’re fighting for at home and abroad

Rest in peace to the men and women who have died at the hands of the law

Now let’s not make this about race, but wait..let’s face it, in America that’s always the case

So I ask you, “does the melanin within my skin make me less of a man?” Well, he seems to think so, while he points that gun in his hand

Listen closely as these rhythmic, hypnotic cadences penetrate your mind & captivate your soul with each and every conscious blow


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Some day soon I presume, I’ll pack up these bags and return home
To the land of my forefather’s father and the land of my Great grandmother’s mother

The land where diamonds are born, where Kings & Queens draped with endless golds are adorn

But wait, before I continue with exaltation, allow be to start from the beginning with more elaboration

All of creation, civilization, education, industrialization, & God fearing relations began in that one sovereign nation

A land where diversity is king but “we are one” is the anthem that we forever will sing

Where the turquoise waters meet the deeply rooted light brown sand

Cheers to the peace I once knew before all the bloodshed, poverty, and corruption marked this great land

To the victors, the future of history is given and therefore written. But what about the losers, what about those who died trying to preserve their roots.

You can deny this bloodline all you want but the fact that you can’t see that in which you resemble, holds these truths to be self evident

Like a tree, you can chop it down until it’s no longer visible but the hardest parts to get rid of & will always remain are it’s roots


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